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I don't have time to do my usual table information here for this video, but I love it so much that I wanted to post it up to share with you all. If you want download links let me know, but otherwise I hope you enjoy it!

Song: Love Story
T.V. Show: Doctor Who
Summary: A warm, fluffy video about the love story between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

View here!

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YouTube | .MOV download (88 megs) | .mp4 download (11 megs)

The concept here is different, something more artistic and what I think might be a change from what I've done before. I had the idea for this video to have the angle of Cuddy actually singing the song rather than moving through to the motion of the music itself, so I combined the two. Alice was such a sweet, innocent little character and I felt that was a very pivotal point for Cuddy in her want for a child and a different side of her that hadn't been seen up until then, but became present throughout the rest of the show so far. It, for lack of another term, made my heart swell.

What I didn't expect was House's role in this video, and I think that'll kind of show itself as it progresses. Needless to say, I'm very proud of this one.

I'm going to write more detailed video blogs and notations at my website on its blog, but for now I hope that you all enjoy this. Comments are always welcome.

[EDIT] I forgot to add the dedication which is sad because I was thinking about it all day! This one is for my darling [ profile] katernater who is the best friend a girl could ever hope for, and for [ profile] cryptictac who pushed me to do this even though I was afraid. ♥ I love you both so much.

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As part of Kate's Christmas gift, I wrote her a crossover fic with Lisa Cuddy and Fox Mulder, what she declared would be her ultimate pairing. But I decided to take the gift one step further and make the pairing into a visual reality. This music video continues where the fic leaves off, and is in fact a crossover video between House M.D. and the X-Files. To say I'm a little bit proud of this would be an understatement. Credit for the manipulation of Cuddy and Mulder goes to [ profile] i_heart_cuddy - thank you so much!

Song: Crush
Shows: House M.D. and the X-Files
Disclaimer: All footage and music copyright to original owners, no infringement intended.

watch @ viddler

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This video is more of a character study for Lisa Cuddy, following the less than perfect moments in life and the ache that can come from them. It's about exploring the pain and seeing where you can go in life from it, about taking the good with the bad, and hoping someone will come to help you when you need it. When life gives you tears, put them to use and do something with them.

Song: Whisper
Show: House M.D.
Disclaimer: All footage and music copyright to original owners, no infringement intended.

watch @ viddler
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So Close

I had started this one a little while ago - maybe a month, I can't quite remember - and then put it to the side when I switched computers. Last night, it just felt like the right thing to do. I made this one with tears in my eyes and on my face, and a box of tissues emptying itself rapidly into my hands and then the trash can nearby. As it came together in front of me, I realized that it's not just a video about the good moments in relationships, but the moments which define them, in all of their shapes and colors - and that sometimes, if you're fortunate enough, you find people who are willing to stay by you even through the darker moments of life.

Song: So Close
Show: the X-Files.
Disclaimer: All footage and music copyright to original owners, no infringement intended.

watch @ youtube

This one is, without question or fail, for Kate.


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