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A New Day – a Rose Tyler music video
To say that this video is emotional and bittersweet are gross understatements of just what a labor of love it really was to make. Some of you know the story behind it, others of you don't, but regardless of whether you know how I feel about it there really is a specific story in this video, of the AU-type nature. I don't go this route frequently, but when I do I like to think I put a lot of heart into it, to try and tell something a little different. It's a video about thinking you know what you want, and finding out that what you really wanted all along is something completely different.

With this video, the story follows a different path for the Doctor and Rose. Instead of the events of the end of season two (assuming there was no danger to Rose's life) and later on in season four, the Doctor willingly and by his own choice leaves Rose behind, in a place where she can't follow. Rose is heartbroken and can't imagine her life without him, but she has little to no choice and is forced to move on. She builds a life for herself, with her family and her friends, and later meets Donna Noble by chance. Donna tells Rose that she is traveling with the Doctor and can arrange for them to see each other (knowing, of course, how the Doctor has and always will feel about Rose), which Rose agrees to. From there, I'll leave the ending as a surprise.

I wouldn't have been able to do this without [ profile] katernater, [ profile] cryptictac, [ profile] selfandsoul, [ profile] khiq, [ profile] effulgent_girl and so many others who don't have journals here but were the most vital, wonderful support I could ever have dreamed of. This wouldn't have happened without you all, and I never would have known the bright, wonderful light of a new day if you hadn't been there with your friendship and warm hearts. This one is for you.

Comments are always welcome, and I hope you enjoy it!

watch at Viddler - download at Mediafire - download iPod
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