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From Both Sides Now - a House/Cuddy music video
This song has held a special place in my heart for a good while now, and this seemed like the best time to have at it, what with all of the gorgeous footage that the last few episodes had given us in particular. When I first began working on it, all I could think of as the storyline basis was Cuddy falling in love with House. And while that seems very simplistic and commonplace at first glance, it really was the true, honest thought that was in my mind the entire time I was working on this video.

I could go on about how much it means to me, but I think that would be redundant and the truth is I'd really rather have it just be watched and enjoyed for what it is. Because I let my feelings dictate the edit on this one, and that's always the best way to do these things.

Many thanks to [ profile] katernater for her support in so many ways and for [ profile] cryptictac for beta-ing this one for me in parts.

watch at Viddler - download at Mediafire - download iPod
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